For readers not ready for a subscription: Per-article access with Newskey

Per article charging

Works quietly behind the scenes to allow  per article charges up to to a set monthly maximum- complements or replaces any existing subscription system.


Allows your readers to make instant donations to reward the content they value.

Design on your terms

Maintain your branding and design with templates, custom HTML, or craft your own integration through our API.

Build your member base

Simple user onboarding using your existing login system – logged in users access content with no change to site flow and no extra steps.

Newskey is a seamless payment solution for readers not ready for a subscription.

Our mission:  make per-article payments simple, user focused, flexible, and consolidated – bridging the gap between subscription and free media models to the benefit of both media companies and their readers.


Discover how Newskey can revolutionize your revenue stream

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