About Newskey

Revolutionize Your Online Revenue Stream with Newskey's Per-Article Payment Platform

Newskey is a solution for media companies that want to offer users the ability to pay per article instead of requiring a full subscription. It allows users to pay for their online activity in one invoice and provides media companies with a single periodic payment for all user activity on their site.

Newskey retains the user experience, site flow, and site branding on the client site and can compliment existing paywalls and subscription services.

Why Choose Us?

Why Newskey is the perfect payment solution for your media site.
Simplify. Monetize. Thrive.

Increased Revenue

Users pay for multiple sites in one invoice for easy management.

Simple User Experience

Newskey provides a simple and easy way for users to access and pay for content on a per-article basis.

Retains User Experience and Branding

Newskey does not intrude on the user experience, site flow, or site branding of the client site

Compliment Existing Subscription Services

Newskey can be used in conjunction with existing paywalls or subscription services

How Newskey Revolutionizes User Experience and Boosts Media Revenue

Media companies can set the per-article rate, monthly rate, and number of free articles per month.

A user-invoice is generated as users browse connected sites, and payment is made when the threshold amount is reached. Users can add credit to their account but are not required to.

Newskey provides a simple and easy way for users to access and pay for content and offers media companies a new revenue source and positive relationship with users.

Unlock your content's potential with Newskey - the flexible pay-per-article solution for media.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Media publishers including news outlets, magazines, journals, blogs, and more.

Dialogs related to needed Newskey functions are left open so clients can create whatever fits their site using HTML or utilize our templates if they prefer. Clients can also code their own functions using our API if desired for complete control. A logged in user that is signed up will not see a dialogue unless they reach they need to pay their invoice.

Newskey allows one click donations though the interface, so logged in users can add donations to be paid later.  Donations can also be added via buttons, or the Newskey portal, for maximum flexibility – reducing abandoned donations. In addition, by facilitating microdonations, Slushmoney opens up new revenue potential.

Newskey works behind the scenes so logged in users are charged per article up to a monthly maximum.  Users then periodically pay their invoice at newskey.ca along with any other charged they might have incurred at other sites.  Any donation charges are also included on the invoice.  Clients are paid out in a lump sum for all payments received for their site periodically.

No, clients set a number of free initial articles, after which users must start paying their invoice on a periodic basis, or be blocked from the paid content at that site. Users may add funds to their Newskey account to decrease the frequency they need to pay their invoice.

If you have an existing subscription system, adding Newskey gives your users a way to keep reading your content regularly while they decide if a subscription is for them.  Clients can set Newskey rates slightly higher than their subscription rates to incentivize users to switch.